Fonterra Head Office

Fanshawe Street, Auckland

Project Description

Our risers have been utilised as an aesthetical feature in the building façade. The fitout was complex and incorporated several exposed areas as well as segregated pods with several ceiling layers.

The mechanical services plant is located on the roof and comprises three air cooled chillers, pumps, multiple zone fresh air handling units, several ventilation fans and multiple smoke exhaust systems.

Office floors air conditioning is by means of in-ceiling fan coil units with dedicated fresh air supply, together with toilets, kitchenette and copier room ventilation. The ground floor café has its own air conditioning and ventilation system with general amenities and the basement carpark served by individual ventilation systems.

All services are controlled from a central BMS which is interlocked with the fire mode control system.

Project Cost

$10M in building services design and installation

Challenges Met and Innovations Introduced

Aside from site complexity and traffic, plus deadlines and the need for perfect, externally-visible installation, the internal building fitout is to an unusual design. This is in keeping with the status of the building i.e. its bringing together of all Fonterra HQ divisions and the housing of board room and meeting room facilities.

However, the fitout also means tight and unusual spaces for the building’s services. We have had to be innovative and adaptive in order to install services without compromising the intended appearance and style. Our staff have handled this well, with many decisions made on-the-job and workarounds being formulated onsite.

Track Record and Client Satisfaction

Our work at Fonterra Head Office was challenging but thanks to our collaboration with Fletcher and Beca we completed the mechanical services on track in terms of time, budget and quality. Our maintenance division still looks after the systems to date.

Subcontract Details

Economech worked as subcontractor to The Fletcher Company