Economech Analytics

Our mission is to unlock our clients’ potential toward achieving sustainable advantages, identifying opportunities and supporting their decision-making process.

Deliverable Services

  • Energy and environmental management
  • Utility metering, measurement, and monitoring via smart business intelligent solutions
  • Feasibility study reports and appraisal of energy efficiency measures
  • Carbon and water footprint analysis and products life cycle assessment
  • IPMVP Measurement and Verification
  • NABERSNZ and Green Star Energy ratings
  • Benchmarking

Our Clients

We work with companies from the manufacturing sector and a wide variety of commercial clients including universities, schools, banks, healthcare facilities, councils, sports and leisure centres, and age care facilities.

Our 3M Platform

The Measurement, Monitoring, Management (3M) platform is an intelligent approach to track and optimise your utility performance. It is developed to promote initiatives for efficiency improvement of water and energy usage. This solution aims to drive your organization toward a sustainable business while reducing the consumption and cost of utilities. Processing your water, electricity, and fuel metering data, the platform provides vast opportunities to monitor and analyse the consumption patterns of the users over time. This will raise the awareness of staff and energy users and meanwhile facilitates the decision making for the managers to take the proper action plans. We use Microsoft technologies for data management and visualization.

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