Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Building

Fisher & Paykel
East Tamaki, Auckland

Project Description

This 35,000m2 single level building is divided into office spaces and also incorporates model shops, plus laboratory facilities and a production clean room approved by the American FDA.

This large scale project was undertaken in a relatively short time frame so the use of 3D Revit drawings was critical to the project success. This enabled coordinated plans to be produced early so a substantial amount of fabrication could occur offsite before the structure was in place.

The site utilises a vast number of systems, the majority of the office spaces are served by Variable Air Volume and Fan Coil Unit systems. The production clean room is a pressure controlled space served by seven large Air Handling Units with a capacity of over 100m3/s.

There is also the provision of 12°C and 20°C process water circuits and a compressed air ring main for future connection of production machinery. The building has been fitted with high efficiency chillers with a combined cooling capacity of 4.6MW. The production facility is equipped with a building management system as well as an environmental monitoring system enabling strict product quality control.

Project Cost

$17,000,000 in Mechanical Building Services.

Challenges Met and Innovations Introduced

The size and diversity of this facility was the main challenge and one that we coped with well. This facility has the largest clean room in the Southern Hemisphere.

Additionally, the tolerances necessary, for aspects such as controlled-temperature water and medical-grade compressed air, were very demanding and required quality control well beyond that needed in a standard building.

Track Record and Client Satisfaction

Our work was well-executed and largely in accordance with budget and time requirements. There was some disruption towards the end of the project as this coincided with the Mainzeal bankruptcy.

Subcontract Details

Economech worked as a subcontractor to Mainzeal