Aotea Shared Services Project

Aotea Centre, Auckland Town Hall
Queen Street, Auckland

Project Description

The objective of this project was to create a central plant providing chilled water, low temp and high temp heating water to the Aotea Centre and the Auckland Town Hall as well as future buildings.

We installed 3 x 660kW and 1 x 780kW 6 pipe chillers each fitted with a 200kW High-temperature module capable of producing 80 °C Heating Hot water.

This large-scale project was undertaken in a relatively short time frame so the use of 3D Revit drawings was critical to the project success. This enabled coordinated plans to be produced early so a substantial amount of fabrication could occur offsite before the structure was in place.

The site utilises a propriety chiller control system designed to maximise plant efficiency.

There is also the provision for a further 2 chillers to be installed.

Project Cost

$4,000,000 in Mechanical Building Services

Challenges Met and Innovations Introduced

The speed in which this facility was constructed was the main challenge combined with maintaining operation of the associated buildings throughout the building process.

Track Record and Client Satisfaction

Our work was well-executed and largely in accordance with budget and time requirements. This project was fast-tracked to minimise disruption to the buildings.

Subcontract Details

Economech worked as a subcontractor to Savory Construction