Advanced Technology Centre


Location: Corinthian Drive, Albany

Completion: October 2001

Value: $2,750,000


The main hall, command centre, learning centre, and individual offices are air conditioned throughout by a variety of air handling units, fan coil units and VAV terminal units depending on the area served. Computer Rooms are controlled by a series of air conditioning units and process coolers. Chilled water is by means of three chillers and cooling towers and heating by electric reheat elements within FCUs and VAVs.

Underfloor heating sourced from waste heat from the return condensing water system serves the ground floor areas. A number of general exhaust ventilation systems and carpark ventilation systems are also provided. All services are linked to a central BMS with fire mode interlocking.

The Project:

This project provided challenges owing to the nature of the building architecture. The bulk of the building is open plan including further open plan mezzanines. The majority of services are therefore exposed to view and constructed to suit the partially elliptical shape of the building. The main building hall air handling units are located externally at each end of the building and traverse short services bridges to enter the occupied area of the building.