Sudima Hotel (Auckland International Airport)


Project Details:

Location: Mangere, Auckland

Completion: October 2011

Value: $2,000,000


The site utilises a chiller, boiler, fan coil units, air handling units, chilled beams and extract fans. The chiller has heat recovery capabilities where the heating water is re-circulated to a set of heat exchangers for domestic heating water thus making it an energy efficient plant.

The guest rooms are serviced by state of the art chilled beams for chilled water and heating water controlled by a wall thermostat. Conditioned air is also supplied to the chilled beams via air handling units situated in the roof.

The kitchen has a stand alone kitchen hood extract system with fresh air fans. The restaurant area, entrance lobby and conference rooms have their own air handling units servicing these areas. The offices and meeting rooms are serviced by fan coil units.

The Project:

The five story, four star hotel consists of 150 rooms with a full kitchen and restaurant facility, three conference rooms, offices, meeting rooms and swimming pool. This project is first of this kind using chilled beams in the guest rooms so that rooms are very quiet compared to more conventional hotels were fan coil units or hi-walls air conditioners are installed and guests are aware of the mechanical plant working.