Novotel IBIS (Ellerslie)


Location: Greenlane Road East, Ellerslie, Auckland

Completion: July 2000

Value: $2,950,000


A roof mounted chiller and two gas fired boilers in a lower plantroom provide the heating and cooling water for all air conditioning AHUs and FCUs. Each guest room has a dedicated FCU for air conditioning and bathroom/toilet exhaust connected to a common roof mounted exhaust air system.

The corridors, restaurant, function rooms, promenade and bar area are supplied from separate AHUs providing fresh air to these areas including the guest room FCUs. Various other exhaust air systems are served by roof mounted fans while the kitchens have a dedicated supply air AHU and a roof mounted exhaust air fan. Various other small ventilation systems are also provided.

Economech were also responsible for the design and installation of the hot and cold water systems together with sanitary plumbing and fixtures.

The Project:

The hotel was a new building located on surplus Ellerslie Racecourse land and comprises five stories of guest rooms, a ground entrance foyer, promenade, function rooms, restaurant, bar and associated kitchens, toilets, etc. The mechanical services were a design and build project to a consulting engineer’s brief.