Middlemore Hospital CSB Stage 1


Location: Otahuhu, Auckland

Completion: October 2011

Value: $2,250,000


The mechanical services were provided for the relocated kitchens and temporary inward goods and cleaners facilities. Air conditioning is by means of two supply air handling units with fresh air mixing with return air serving the main kitchen and support kitchen facilities. Then main kitchen supply air is by means of two below ceiling air socks while ceiling diffusers supply the support areas. Air conditioning for individual offices is through in ceiling fan coil units while the main kitchen exhaust is by means of two large stainless steel hoods and roof mounted fans.

Heating and chilled water are drawn from the central energy centre to the AHU plantroom which also houses two heat exchangers for the domestic hot water system. Medical gases pipework was also constructed within the new building and underground for future use together with wall outlets for a future clinical room.  

The Project:

The building is basically a single story facilities building with provision for future levels to be added. This project provided major challenges as large heating and chilled water pipework was constructed from the central energy centre to the new building both above and underground. The pipework loop was sized to cater for the new Clinical Services Building so major seismic requirements had to be met.