Gillies Hospital (Gillies Ave)


Location: Gillies Avenue, Auckland

Completion: January 2014

Value: $1,200,000


The existing hospital remained in operation while new extensions were built then a changeover period of four weeks evacuation allowed the remainder of works to be constructed within the existing area of the hospital remaining. A new chiller and chilled water system was installed together with an existing chiller relocated while the existing boilers were retained with new circulating pumps for the new heating and domestic hot water systems. Three new AHUs and five large FCUs and associated ductwork systems were also installed with provision for a further three AHUs to be installed in the future. New medical gases pipework, valve sets, alarm boxes and outlets were also installed.

The Project:

The project comprised two new areas at each end of the existing building incorporating a new operating theatre, sterile room and plantroom at the south end with new recovery areas, staff amenities, conference room and offices at the north end. Part of the remaining existing building was refurbished and a new roof and trusswork added after mechanical services plant was installed over the Christmas/New year holiday period. The project was undertaken under strict time limits and access restrictions in order that the hospital could be fully functional by mid-January.