Massey University Library (Albany)


Project Details:

Location: Albany Expressway, Albany

Completion: April 2010

Value: $3,000,000


This site uses individual floor air handling units to supply terminal VAV boxes. Chilled water was utilised from the existing site ring main while a series of new gas fired boilers was installed for the heating water reticulation. The building management system incorporates CO2 monitoring and economiser damper control to optimise the running conditions and achieve maximum running efficiency.

The Project:

This five story building is an extension to the existing library facility on the Albany campus with extensive study and computer facilities. Project deliveries were critical to the success of the library and owing to size restraints, the air handling units had to be placed in position before the plantrooms were constructed around them. Co-ordination between trades was also vital as the majority of diffusers were installed in feature ceiling panels.