AUT Sports & Recreation Centre (North Shore)


Location: North Shore

Completion: December 2000

Value: $600,000


The main hall and change rooms are ventilated by means of large roof mounted supply and exhaust fans with silencers while the toilet areas are ventilated by exhaust fans only with air introduced from the foyer areas. Heating by means of hot water heating coils supplied from two boilers located in the plant room while the cafeteria heating is by means of a duct mounted electric heater element.

The seminar, sports and aerobic rooms are served by packaged reverse cycle air conditioning units while various other offices are served by split system reverse cycle air conditioners. Various other areas including the kitchen and store rooms are also served by roof mounted exhaust fans only.

The building management system controls the operation of all plant systems but can be remotely controlled and operated from the main AUT headquarters located in Wellesley Street in Auckland City.

The Project:

The sports and recreation complex is a dedicated new building which operates on a stand alone basis. Economech worked from a consulting engineer’s design but took responsibility for the final installation and performance of systems.