Force Entertainment Centre (Queen St)


Location:  Queen Street, Auckland City

Completion:  November 1999

Value:  $4,500,000


Each group of 6 Cinemas is provided with variable air volume air conditioning units from a central air handling unit. Exhaust air from the cinemas is either recirculated or exhausted depending on the system load.

The Imax theatre has a displacement air conditioning system with air supplied via grilles under each seat. The tenanted areas are serviced with either variable air volume air handling units or fan coil units with fresh air supply.

A central exhaust fan services the cooking hoods in the central foodcourt.

The Project:

The nine level complex, located between the Civic Theatre and Aotea Square, consists of 13 cinema auditoriums, retail shops, restaurants, foodcourt and bars.

Various ventilation systems service the restaurant kitchens, foodcourt areas and public amenities while a central chiller and boiler plant provide cooling and heating to the complex.