Botany Downs Cinemas


Location: Botany Downs Centre, Auckland

Completion: December 2004

Value: $1,000,000


Cinemas are provided with air conditioning from roof mounted packaged reverse cycle heat pump units with supply air made up from a mixture of return and fresh air. The biobox area has two dedicated reverse cycle heat pumps located in the ceiling void and incorporates a projector exhaust air system with make-up air supplied via transfer ducts from a separate level.

The foyer, regency and concessionaires areas are also served by ducted split system reverse cycle air conditioners similar to the cinemas while the bar area is served by an exhaust air ventilation system. All systems are incorporated into the fire mode controls to operate on full smoke exhaust under “fireman’s control” conditions.

The Project:

The cinema complex was a new building attached to the main shopping mall complex and is fully accessible via the main shopping mall. Economech were therefore deeply involved in finalising structural requirements for roof mounted plant while the building design was being finalised.