What we do

Economech Services Ltd comprises a highly skilled and experienced team who can deliver a project from early client communication to completion encompassing all tasks necessary to reach each individual client’s objective.

Design and Build Projects:

For “design and build” projects, we layout early designs in co-ordination with the architect and structural engineers until arriving at a final design which is then priced and agreed on accordingly. We then process all local authority approvals and design producer statements to allow on-site works to commence on schedule.

The design is then handed over to our CAD modeling office for detailed draughting to the client’s approval after which ordering of plant equipment items and manufacturing commences. Under the watchful eye of our highly experienced site managers and foremen, installation of works proceeds and on completion is fully commissioned and approved by both the company’s and client's nominated engineers.

At the conclusion of each project, multiple copies of full operating and maintenance manuals are produced to the client’s satisfaction and a final Code of Compliance processed through the local authority.

Consultant Designed Projects:

Where projects are designed by consulting engineers, Economech undertakes a full design check before ordering plant and equipment items. The CAD modeling office then produces detailed construction drawings to the consultant’s approval after which the site managers and foremen will carry out the installation followed by commissioning as discussed above.

At the conclusion of projects, multiple copies of full operating and maintenance manuals are produced to the consultant’s satisfaction and the final Code of Compliance processed through the local authority. Despite the consultant’s involvement, Economech’s engineers take responsibility for the correct operation of all systems to the consultant’s and client’s satisfaction.

Green Star Building Technology:

In todays, environmentally conscious world, heavy emphasis is now placed on environmental issues with Economech specialising in the increasingly popular “Green Star” design ratings for brand new buildings together with environmental assessments on existing buildings. The company’s design engineers are fully conversant with regulations and requirements and undertake all design and proceedures necessary for a building to qualify as “Green Star.”

Service and Maintenance:

Under the Conditions of Contract for building construction projects, a service and warranty period is usually mandatory. Economech designs the full service and maintenance schedule encompassing all equipment items and components of an installation then undertakes such works throughout the nominated warranty period.

Following the completion of that period, the company can then submit proposals for ongoing servicing and maintenance requirements which can be carried out on a contract basis as agreed with the client or property owner.